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Recover Revenue

Revenue – It’s Slipping Through Your Fingers

Whether card issuer or merchant, there's no worse feeling than revenue slipping through your fingertips. The problem is that your customer is changing, and the world they transact in is changing even faster. The nature of digital accounts means multiple parties are making purchases (spouses, children), without the primary account holder being aware. That leads to more transactions not recognized – a big problem for card issuers and merchants. On top of that, customers are learning how to take advantage of the chargeback process for their own gain. What’s it all mean? A load of false claims that introduce more friction into the purchase process and take time and money to resolve.

Lets Work Together

How Ethoca Recovers Revenue

The good news is that Ethoca’s collaboration network is purpose built to stop revenue leakage. The first step is Ethoca Consumer Clarity, which helps card issuers tap into our merchants’ extended transaction data and purchase history to deflect the chargeback out of the gate. This happens the moment a cardholder first calls into their bank or when they click on a transaction on their mobile banking app or online statement. The instantaneous result? Revenue recovered. Not only that, future friction is eliminated because cards won’t need to be reissued – they stay at the top of the cardholder’s wallet where they belong.

Products to Help Merchants Recover Revenue

Eliminator orange

Ethoca Consumer Clarity™

Eliminate chargebacks and recover revenue lost to 'friendly fraud' and customer disputes.

Products to Help Issuers Recover Revenue

Eliminator blue

Ethoca Consumer Clarity™

Put a stop to the poor cardholder experience that comes from false claims and disputes.


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