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Reduce Chargebacks & Improve Digital Experiences

Ethoca is helping businesses around the world prevent chargebacks, fight friendly fraud and build better digital customer experiences through the power of collaboration. 

We enable near-real-time sharing of dispute data and purchase details between financial institutions and merchants. The result? Better fraud-fighting and digital experience capabilities. 

Good Things Happen When You Join the Network

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Fight Fraud

When fraud strikes, recover your losses with ease.

Icon   eliminate chargebacks

Eliminate Chargebacks

They cost time and money. Let's blow them away.

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Increase Acceptance

Don't mistake customers for criminals — it hurts your bottom line!

Icon   recover revenue

Recover Revenue

It’s your revenue – let’s go get it back for you.

Icon   improve experience

Improve Experience

Less friction and frustration, more smiles and sales.

Do More With Your Brand!

Your logo is a symbol of everything your business stands for, and a clear visual cue your customers recognize and trust – but that’s not all.

Thanks to collaborations with leading financial institutions, we’ve transformed your logo into a powerful tool that gives consumers clarity around what they bought and who they bought it from. The goal? Eliminate transaction confusion, reduce chargebacks, extend brand presence, and elevate the customer experience.

Product Image showing how a merchant can place their logo directly in digital bank channels

Come One, Come All!

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Online services or retail, travel, electronics — you name it. If you sell online, we can help.

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Card Issuers

Banks, credit unions, issuer processors and more. We've got you covered.

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Acquirers, PSPs, gateways, ISOs and more. We have solutions for you and your customers.

What is a Collaboration Network?

Card issuing banks and ecommerce merchants use a multi-layered arsenal of tools to prevent chargeback fraud, reduce transaction disputes and fight CNP fraud. While this approach can be somewhat effective, there's a big missed opportunity caused by a lack of timely communication.

For years, there was no fast, reliable and secure way to share this intelligence outside of the chargeback process. Thankfully, Ethoca changed all this with a new fraud fighting and chargeback management system.

Welcome to the age of the Collaboration Network — the opportunities are endless.

Graphic displaying Ethoca's global collaboration network
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Digital Receipts: Gateway to Optimal Consumer Engagement

The receipt shouldn't finalize a transaction, it should initiate an entirely new relationship. Ethoca and Aite-Novarica Group teamed up to conduct new research with consumers and merchants from the US, UK and Germany that delved into what consumers really want. The biggest request from consumers? Clear information, on demand, delivered digitally. Digital receipts in the mobile banking application can deliver this and are the gateway to the next level of consumer engagement. 

Our Products

Icon consumer clarity for merchants

Ethoca Consumer Clarity™ for Merchants

Eliminate chargebacks and recover revenue lost to 'friendly fraud' and customer disputes.

Icon alerts for merchants

Ethoca Alerts for Merchants

Reduce CNP fraud and chargebacks through merchant-issuer collaboration.

Icon consumer clarity for issuers

Ethoca Consumer Clarity™ for Issuers

Put a stop to the poor cardholder experience that comes from false claims and disputes.

Icon alerts for issuers

Ethoca Alerts for Issuers

Improve CNP fraud and dispute recovery through collaboration.

Does Collaboration Work? Ask our Customers...

Now we can cancel and refund fraudulent bookings as well as avoid the chargeback process completely.

Revenue Protection Lead


The services they provide are top notch. Ethoca Alerts are a key contributor to our fraud prevention efforts.

Risk Team Lead

Ethoca Alerts facilitates sales and provides a safeguard for risky transactions.

Direct Sales Manager

South African Airways

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