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An Extraordinary Customer Experience Takes Extraordinary Collaboration

Card issuers and merchants each face a unique set of challenges, but at the end of day, customer experience is king. The reality is that today’s fraud and dispute resolution process creates an incredible amount of friction that flies in the face of a great customer experience. It’s now the #1 challenge in the payments industry – and it’s virtually 100% avoidable. The bottom line is that you can’t create a great experience in isolation. Card issuers and merchants share customers – but before Ethoca they didn’t share a great deal of intelligence about the fraud and chargeback disputes they face.

Lets Work Together

How Ethoca Improves Customer Experience

It all started with our flagship product Ethoca Alerts, powered by Ethoca’s global network. By helping card issuers and merchants alike avoid the chargeback process entirely, guess who stands to benefit the most? That’s right: your customer. Avoiding chargeback fraud altogether means that your customers are spared the inconvenience of the claims process.

That’s just the start. With our new innovations like Ethoca Consumer Clarity, we can stem the rising tide of false claims and ‘friendly fraud’. For card issuers, your customers never again have to be disrupted again by false claims that get in the way of future spending. And for merchants, acceptance goes up when card issuers’ fraud detection models get smarter about distinguishing genuine fraud from friendly fraud.

Products to Help Merchants Improve Customer Experience

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Ethoca Consumer Clarity™

Eliminate chargebacks and recover revenue lost to 'friendly fraud' and customer disputes.

EthocaAlert orange

Ethoca Alerts

Reduce CNP fraud and chargebacks through merchant-issuer collaboration.

Products to Help Issuers Improve Customer Experience

Eliminator blue

Ethoca Consumer Clarity™

Put a stop to the poor cardholder experience that comes from false claims and disputes.

EthocaAlert blue

Ethoca Alerts

Improve CNP fraud and dispute recovery through collaboration.

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Whitepaper: The Faces of Friendly Fraud

With 86% of card disputes believed to be fraudulent and a rate of growth in the double digits, it’s no wonder the FBI views friendly fraud as the third biggest problem in ecommerce today. Unfortunately, friendly card not present fraud stems from a spectrum of behaviors that are challenging to detect. Beating this threat requires implementing CNP fraud solutions capable of addressing it in real-time to eliminate disputes once and for all. The good news? We can help.


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