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More and more, card issuers and ecommerce merchants are strengthening their CNP fraud and dispute defenses and investing in more efficient systems to handle growing volumes. Multilayered solutions are now industry standard, with an increasing focus on automation of the fraud and dispute prevention and recovery process. Ethoca Alerts is an ideal complement to this increasing array of solutions. On the card issuing side, banks are relying on an increasing range of fraud prevention platforms and tools, including automated case management solutions that make it more cost-effective to manage the entire dispute lifecycle. On the merchant side, fraud platform integration with Ethoca can bring greater efficiency and eliminate manual effort. Ethoca’s extensive partnership options also provide channel sales and distribution opportunities that drive global participation in the Ethoca Network.


Merchant Network Partners

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PSPs & Gateways

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Issuer Network Partners

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Fraud Platform Providers

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Software Providers

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