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Digital Receipts are just the beginning

Download our research report, Digital Receipts: Unlocking the full potential of consumer engagement, created in partnership with Aite, to learn how issuers and merchant can leverage digital bank channels to create elevated and relevant experiences for consumers.

The findings explore how digital receipts can not only create better digital experiences, but also unlock more engagement opportunities with consumers that drive value for businesses.  

Length 8 pages
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Merchant, Issuer
Improving the Dispute Experience: Transparency Is Power

This research report created by Aite Group, sponsored by Ethoca, sheds light on the issue of transaction confusion and false claims caused by a lack of transaction clarity to cardholders. The findings are the result of in-depth research of banks, merchants, and over 1,000 consumers and reveal that cardholders have a strong appetite for digital solutions that provide greater insight into their purchases.

Length 28 pages
content download - UK issuer case study tumbnail
UK Card Issuer Case Study

A top five UK card issuer needed to find a solution to combat rising fraud attacks, eliminate chargebacks and reduce operational costs. Through Ethoca’s global card issuer-merchant collaboration network, the bank mitigated 31,304 chargebacks over a 13-month period and helped change the face of fraud in the UK.

Length 4 pages
content download - US issuer case study thumbnail
US Card Issuer Case Study

Ecommerce fraud was negatively impacting the business of a top seven U.S. card issuer. Despite the use of sophisticated fraud tools, chargeback processing costs, operational expenses, losses from low value write-offs and transaction decline rates were all increasing. By leveraging Ethoca’s global merchant-issuer collaboration network, the bank was able to mitigate 78,148 chargebacks and recover $9,091,266 worth of fraud losses over a 13-month period.

Length 4 pages
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Home Improvement Retailer Case Study

Despite a solid defensive foundation, fraud was increasingly chipping away at this retailer’s bottom line. They needed a new tool in their fraud fighting shop that would help them reduce current and future losses, increase sales and improve the customer experience.

Length 2 pages
content download - digital goods merchant case study thumbnail
Digital Goods Platform Case Study

Friendly or otherwise, when fraud rises and chargebacks pile up, costs skyrocket and the customer experience deteriorates. Digital goods merchants also lose the high margin revenue they depend on. So, it’s no surprise that a leading digital goods platform contacted Ethoca looking for help. The use of their service was at an all-time high, but so was chargeback pain. They needed a way to cut costs and stop chargebacks. Thankfully, we had the solution.

Length 4 pages
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