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Ethoca Consumer Clarity

Ethoca Consumer Clarity™ provides rich merchant and purchase information to cardholders within their bank apps — and with financial institutions' call center and back-office staff.

Prevent disputes. Improve experience. 

By connecting merchants and issuers together, Consumer Clarity enables rich purchase information sharing – including clear merchant names, logos, geolocation data and even fully itemised receipts – to be shared via issuers' digital banking apps and back-office teams. This provides cardholders with multiple channels to get purchase information that helps reduce confusion that often leads to friendly fraud disputes, while also building a better customer experience. 

Clarity - Improve Experience

Consumer Clarity Digital

Merchant details: Give consumers convenient access to merchant brand and location information within their banking app — allowing for easy purchase recognition.

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Digital Receipts: Provide convenient access to digital receipts within issuers' banking apps.

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Consumer Clarity Call Center

Provide issuer teams with detailed purchase information to address customer inquiries. 

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Benefits for merchants

Reduce fraud icon orange

Reduce Friendly Fraud

Provide purchase clarity to remove upfront confusion — eliminating invalid disputes

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Eliminate Revenue Loss

Eliminate unnecessary refunds and loss of revenue due to consumer purchase confusion

Chargebacks icon orange

Reduce Chargeback Costs

Avoid unnecessary chargebacks from friendly fraud and customer disputes

Engage consumers icon orange

Engage Consumers

Redirect disputes from issuer to merchant by providing clear merchant contact information

Benefits for issuers

Eliminate confusion icon teal

Eliminate Confusion

Remove transaction confusion up front — eliminating friendly fraud disputes

Chargebacks icon teal

Reduce Chargeback Costs

Avoid unnecessary chargebacks and write-offs from friendly fraud and customer disputes

Improve experience teal

Improve Experience

Improve customer experience and satisfaction

Speed icon teal

Resolve in One Call

Make dispute decisions correctly and quickly during initial call

How does Consumer Clarity work? 

Flow chart showing how Ethoca Consumer Clarity shares purchase information


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