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Outsourced Service Providers

Outsourced Service Providers

As a service provider to card issuing banks, you may manage their entire card issuing portfolio, including fraud prevention and management. What better way to deepen the value of your integrated offering than by partnering with Ethoca? Chances are, you’ve got the data we’re looking for – confirmed fraud and customer disputes – that we send to our vast network of merchant customers for immediate resolution. Your card issuer customers will benefit from nearly instantaneous resolution of fraud and dispute claims, with no additional IT investment needed to get started. It’s simply a no-brainer – one that makes your processing relationship with your card issuer customers even stronger. If you’re a bank, tell your processor you want access to Ethoca’s global network.

Please contact us for more information on getting started.

Powerful Products for Outsourced Service Providers

Eliminator blue

Ethoca Consumer Clarity™

Put a stop to the poor cardholder experience that comes from false claims and disputes.

EthocaAlert blue

Ethoca Alerts

Improve CNP fraud and dispute recovery through collaboration.


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Not to brag, but Ethoca Alerts is the most decorated fraud and chargeback solution in the industry.


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