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Ethoca Alerts for Issuers

Increase Fraud and Customer Dispute Recoveries

Ecommerce fraud and customer disputes have a direct impact on your payment card issuing business. Bank chargeback processing and operational expenses increase. You continue to absorb losses on low value and 3D Secure transactions. And, most of all, more fraud means higher decline rates. That drives down acceptance and transaction income, while negatively impacting customers.

Your losses – and lost opportunities – stop now. Ethoca closes the information and communication gap between issuers and merchants. By participating in our growing global collaboration network, you enable merchants to act quickly on your confirmed fraud and dispute intelligence so you get proven, immediate value.

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Case Study: US Issuer Leverages Ethoca Alerts

Ecommerce fraud was negatively impacting the business of a top seven U.S. card issuer. Despite the use of sophisticated fraud tools, chargeback processing costs, operational expenses, losses from low value write-offs and transaction decline rates were all increasing. By leveraging Ethoca's global merchant-issuer collaboration network, the bank was able to mitigate tens of thousands of chargebacks and recover millions worth of fraud.


That's the value of fraud a card issuing bank was able stop in one year by joining the Ethoca Network. How much could you be stopping?


That's how many bank chargebacks a card issuing bank was able to eliminate in one year by joining the Ethoca Network. How many could you be eliminating?

You can rely on Ethoca Alerts to help you...

Icon increase recoveries

Increase Recoveries

CNP fraud & customer disputes recovered in hours.

Icon eliminate expenses

Eliminate Expenses

Much lower chargeback volumes & processing costs.

Icon recover low value losses

Recover Low-Value Losses

Reduce losses on low-value transactions normally written off.

Icon faster resolution

Faster Resolution

Enjoy near instant dispute resolution with your cardholders.

Icon recover 3ds losses

Recover 3DS Losses

3D Secure losses are, for the first time, quickly recoverable.

Icon improve satisfaction

Improve Satisfaction

Improve customer experience & satisfaction and reduce complaints.

Here's How it Works

  1. Start sending Ethoca your confirmed fraud and customer dispute transactions. The sooner you send us your data, the better chance merchants on the Ethoca Network have to stop the fraud or settle the dispute with the customer.
  2. As soon as merchants confirm they have stopped fulfillment of the fraudulent order (do not settle) or refunded the transaction through the Ethoca Portal, you’ll know you can avoid processing the chargeback.
  3. Ethoca will work with you to optimize your performance and continually improve your fraud loss recovery results.

Why Join the Ethoca Network?

With thousands of merchants across the globe on the Ethoca Network, you get access to a growing base of businesses taking direct action on your confirmed fraud and customer dispute data. More merchants means more refunds, more chargebacks avoided, more stopped fraud and greater acceptance for all.


Still confused about how our network operates?


Not to brag, but Ethoca Alerts is the most decorated fraud and chargeback solution in the industry.

Questions About Ethoca?

That's great, because we have loads of answers. Take a minute to learn more about how it all works.

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