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Case Studies

Collaboration Worked for Them, And it Can Work for You Too

Hundreds of card issuers and thousands of merchants of all sizes – from around the world – depend on the Ethoca Network to help them reduce card not present fraud, eliminate chargebacks, increase transaction acceptance and improve the customer experience.

Curious to hear about their results? Read our case studies.

UK Card Issuer Case Study

A top five UK card issuer needed to find a solution to combat rising fraud attacks, eliminate chargebacks and reduce operational costs. Through Ethoca’s global card issuer-merchant collaboration network, the bank mitigated 31,304 chargebacks over a 13-month period and helped change the face of fraud in the UK.

Length 4 pages
US Card Issuer Case Study

Ecommerce fraud was negatively impacting the business of a top seven U.S. card issuer. Despite the use of sophisticated fraud tools, chargeback processing costs, operational expenses, losses from low value write-offs and transaction decline rates were all increasing. By leveraging Ethoca’s global merchant-issuer collaboration network, the bank was able to mitigate 78,148 chargebacks and recover $9,091,266 worth of fraud losses over a 13-month period.

Length 4 pages
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