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Eliminator for Merchants

Deflect Chargebacks and Preserve Revenue 

Customer disputes from friendly fraud are a significant, and growing, problem for merchants. Whether it’s a case of cardholder confusion caused by a charge they don’t recognize, or an attempt to abuse the system for personal gain, they typically contact the card issuer first instead of coming directly to you. The result? Unnecessary chargeback fraud costs, lost revenue and a poor customer experience. And perhaps the biggest problem: no consequence for abusive cardholder behavior. This encourages them to continue to ‘game’ the system for future gain.

But, what if you could transform this costly process and not only eradicate chargeback costs caused by disputes and friendly fraud, but also recover the lost revenue? With Ethoca Eliminator's powerful merchant chargeback protection, you can.

You Can Rely on Eliminator to Help You...

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Eliminate Chargebacks

Stop chargebacks from disputes and friendly fraud.

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Recover Lost Revenue

Revenue is recovered when the cardholder assumes rightful liability.

Icon green increase acceptance

Reduce False Declines

Acceptance is increased as issuer fraud models are improved.

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Improve Satisfaction

Customers no longer need to have payment cards reissued.

What is Eliminator? Simply the Best Solution for Chargeback Fraud and Merchant Chargeback Protection.

Ethoca Eliminator tackles the growing problems of friendly fraud and false declines by digitally transforming the customer experience and connecting issuers to merchant order and account history details in real time.

Now issuer call center agents have the information they need to effectively engage in a real-time conversation with cardholders whenever a dispute comes in. This includes itemized receipts, detailed account history, summary of merchant actions and refund status. Even better, cardholders can instantly access this in-depth merchant information directly through their desktop or mobile banking app – eliminating confusion and the need to reach out in the first place. This first line of chargeback fraud defense is solid merchant chargeback protection.

How Eliminator Helps with a Typical Dispute via Call Center

  1. A cardholder contacts their issuer to dispute a charge on their statement they don’t recognize or is willfully attempting to commit friendly fraud.
  2. The issuer agent logs in to the Ethoca Eliminator portal and requests the necessary merchant information, such as detailed digital receipt, purchase history and account history.
  3. Ethoca queries the merchant in real-time, pulls the information and delivers it to the agent while they are having their first dispute intake call with the cardholder.
  4. The agent walks through the receipt, purchase history and refund status (as required) with the cardholder.
  5. The cardholder now recognizes the purchase and takes responsibility for the transaction – eliminating the need for a chargeback to be raised.
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Whitepaper: Solving the CNP False Decline Puzzle

When fraud rears its ugly head, merchants and issuers often resort to the same response: deploy stricter fraud measures. Unfortunately, there's a problem with this strategy – it leads to false declines. False declines occur when good transactions are wrongly turned down due to the suspicion of fraud, and they're a big problem. How big? Our research indicates that 1.9 billion purchases, representing USD $145.9 billion in sales are declined a year.

Want to learn more about this growing issue and what can be done?

What About Friendly Fraud and False Declines?

In cases of benign friendly fraud, Eliminator ensures that cardholders don’t have to go through an unnecessary and inconvenient card reissue process. In the long term, Eliminator also helps to retrain the cardholder – especially those who were hoping to commit hostile friendly fraud. And because these legitimate cardholder transactions are no longer incorrectly coded as fraudulent, card issuer fraud models improve over time, resulting in fewer false declines.

This is a significant win across the entire payment value chain that drives up acceptance across the board.


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