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Card Issuers

Ecommerce Success is Best Achieved Through Collaboration

Card issuers are facing increased pressure from all sides as a result of increased card-not-present fraud and cardholder disputes. There’s the increased costs and operating expenses to manage and resolve disputes across their entire expensive lifecycle. There’s the negative impact to customer experience – impact that can drive your card to the ‘back-of- wallet’ where it can languish for months. And finally, there are the immediate losses to CNP fraud – losses which make up by far the largest share of overall payment card fraud.

As fraud and disputes go up, so do your costs of recovery. Even with the promise of more automated dispute management processes, the most effective way to recover losses is by actioning the confirmed fraud and dispute intelligence you have with Ethoca’s global network of merchants. Stopping the repeated attacks on your business means that fraudsters have to be stopped in their tracks – a benefit you can only get through Ethoca’s network.

Don’t let these problems plague your issuing business. Our suite of collaboration-based solutions provides an entirely unique opportunity to work alongside various parties in the payments ecosystem to solve these problems, freeing you to focus on creating an exceptional experience for cardholders.

What Problem Can We Solve for You Today?

Icon green flight fraud


When fraud strikes, recover your losses with ease.

Icon green stop chargebacks

Eliminate Chargebacks

They cost time and money. Let’s blow them away.

Icon green increase acceptance


Don’t mistake customers for criminals – it hurts your bottom line!

Icons finance 17 earnings


It’s your revenue, let’s go get it back for you.

Icon green improve satisfaction


Less friction and frustration, more smiles and sales.

Powerful Products for Issuers

Eliminator blue

Ethoca Consumer Clarity™

Put a stop to the poor cardholder experience that comes from false claims and disputes.

EthocaAlert blue

Ethoca Alerts

Improve CNP fraud and dispute recovery through collaboration.


That's the value of fraud a card issuing bank was able stop in one year by joining the Ethoca Network. How much could you be stopping?


Still confused about how our network operates?


Not to brag, but Ethoca Alerts is the most decorated fraud and chargeback solution in the industry.


That's great, because we have loads of answers. Take a minute to learn more about how it all works.

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