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For merchants operating in higher risk sectors, dealing with high chargeback costs is an ongoing challenge. High transaction processing costs. Potential watch list penalties. Exceeding chargeback limits. Managing multiple MIDs. The costs can quickly spiral out of control, threatening the viability of many merchant businesses.

If you serve high-risk merchants struggling with lost revenues and excessive chargeback rates, the Powered by Ethoca Partner Program gives you an in-demand Chargeback Alerts solution that will allow you to process more volume and accept more transactions. With Ethoca’s Chargeback Alerts, your high-risk merchants now have access to a global network of card issuing banks. Valuable issuer data, including cardholder confirmed fraud data and advanced chargeback notifications, is now available in real time. That allows merchants to take action by refunding the transaction and avoiding the chargeback entirely.

The result? Merchants stay within chargeback limits and avoid blowing MIDs. That means more processing volume for you and higher-performing merchants who will drive recurring revenue over the long haul.

Which Ethoca Partner Program option is right for your business?

Value Added Reseller: VAR

As a Powered by Ethoca Value Added Reseller, you have the choice to offer Ethoca Alerts as a standalone service, or integrate it within your suite of merchant processing solutions. Ethoca works closely with VAR partners to ensure success and provides a range of tools and support. As a VAR, your responsibilities include:

  • Manages sales and marketing (following Ethoca branding guidelines)
  • Providing Ethoca co-branded Alerts service portal to your merchants
  • Setting merchant pricing for Ethoca Alerts
  • Managing all commercial agreements, billing and fee collection


Referral Reseller: RR

As a Powered by Ethoca Referral Reseller, you will focus on referring qualified prospects to Ethoca. Your responsibilities include:

  • Using Ethoca-branded marketing material to educate potential prospects
  • Introducing qualified prospects to Ethoca
  • Ethoca provides all sales, billing, training and support services directly to merchants

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