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Experience the power of Ethoca's collaboration network

Experience the power of the Ethoca network

For years, there was no fast, reliable and secure way to share payments intelligence outside of the chargeback process. We changed all that with the first-and-only network of its kind that closes costly information gaps across the purchase journey.

Real-time information sharing offers a powerful new way to prevent fraud and reduce transaction disputes, while creating more engaging customer experiences. Welcome to the Ethoca network — the opportunities are endless. Our network connects thousands of the world’s largest merchants, issuers and technology partners across the globe to enable better data sharing.  

Infographic showing Ethoca's network

We can help you...

Fight first-party fraud

Reduce the impact first-party fraud has on your business

Prevent chargebacks

Save valuable time and money

Reduce CNP fraud

Reduce CNP fraud and improve your bottom line

Improve the customer experience

Remove friction and increase sales

Our solutions

Ethoca Consumer Clarity™

Provides recognisable purchase information to issuers and to cardholders through their bank app. The ability to easily recognise purchases means fewer disputes caused by transaction confusion, improving the overall customer experience and reducing first party fraud and chargeback costs.

Ethoca Alerts

Connects issuers, acquirers and merchants to share fraud and dispute data, speeding up the dispute resolution process. By receiving real-time fraud alerts, merchants can quickly identify fraud, stop order fulfillment, issue refunds, and prevent the need for chargebacks.

Fraud Insights for Merchants

Fraud Insights for Merchants provides merchants with a complete view of their Mastercard fraud, chargeback and decline data, helping them to take action to prevent and remedy fraud.

How we help merchants

Learn more about how Ethoca's collaboration network can help merchants reduce disputes and chargebacks while building better customer experiences. 

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How we help issuers

Find out how Ethoca can help issuers enhance their digital and back office channels and elevate customer experiences while minimising the impact of disputes. 

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How we help partners

Whether you're a merchant or issuer service provider or a fraud prevention platform, partnering with Ethoca will help enhance your product offering. 

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Merchants, do more with your brand!

Your logo is a symbol of everything your business stands for. It's also a clear visual cue that your customers recognise and trust.

Thanks to collaborations with leading financial institutions, we’ve transformed your logo into a powerful tool that gives consumers clarity around what they bought and who they bought it from. The goal? Extend your brand presence while eliminating transaction confusion, a leading cause of costly chargebacks.

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Product Image showing how a merchant can place their logo directly in digital bank channels

The brink of transformation: What's next for digital banking?

Our latest research suggests we’re on the brink of major shifts in consumers’ attitudes, beliefs, and habits. These changes will propel the upcoming wave of digital banking innovations that will address unmet needs. The next iteration of tools and solutions must offer a compelling next-gen experience if businesses want to win new customers while also enhancing operations and driving better financial performance.

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