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Steve Durney on fraud, disputes and the internet of things

Jeudi, mai 14, 2020

In a single home today, it’s not uncommon to find more than a dozen devices connected to the internet. As people connect more, it is only a matter of time before we see a huge increase in unauthorised purchases being made via these technologies. 

Mastercard’s Ethoca On Helping Merchants Grapple With The Upcoming Chargeback Deluge

Jeudi, avril 9, 2020

A deluge of chargebacks is headed toward the payments industry, spurred by the coronavirus, as all areas of the global economy have been upended.

Audio: Payments on Fire Interview with Keith Briscoe

Mardi, janvier 29, 2019

In this conversation with Keith Briscoe (Chief Marketing and Product officer at Ethoca), Glenbrook Partners talk about the chargeback problem, hear some truly astounding chargeback stories (hackers aren’t the only fraudsters), and discuss Ethoca’s role in this space.

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