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Merchant, Issuer
2024 Outlook Report

With the payments landscape facing a myriad of changes, it’s important to focus on initiatives that will make a positive impact on your business, such as customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and bottom-line revenue.

Our latest report looks at trends we expect to see in 2024 shaping the way businesses approach both fraud and digital experience. 

Length 27 pages
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Merchant, Issuer
Chargeback Trends and Outlook

Around the world we’ve experienced rapidly changing dynamics over the last few years. In addition, how we pay is also shifting.

So, how do all these market dynamics translate to the current and future state of chargebacks?

Download our latest report to peer into chargeback trends around the world, along with the growth of ecommerce—a key factor influencing chargeback volumes and CNP fraud.

Length 17 pages
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Merchant, Issuer
2023 Digital Field Guide

Consumers want seamless, user-friendly, real-time connected digital experiences for everything from ordering a coffee to booking a flight, tracking reward points or checking statement balances - from any device, anywhere. As a result, the need to meet these expectations is an ever-growing challenge for both merchants and issuers. 

Length 29 pages
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Will Banking Apps Be the New Super Apps?

New research conducted by Aite-Novarica Group looks into global attitudes towards emerging banking app features, and what this means for issuers and merchants looking to make better digital connections with their customers. This survey of consumers looks into the growing desire for new features like managing refunds, subscriptions, and loyalty rewards directly in digital banking channels.

Length 24 pages
Merchant, Issuer
2023 Outlook Report

What does the new year hold for businesses looking to reduce their fraud and also create better experiences? Download our 2023 outlook report to discover four trends shaping the future of fraud-prevention, chargeback protection and omnichannel digital experiences. 

Length 25 pages
Merchant, Issuer
Digital Receipts are just the beginning

Download our research report, Digital Receipts: Unlocking the full potential of consumer engagement, created in partnership with Aite, to learn how issuers and merchant can leverage digital bank channels to create elevated and relevant experiences for consumers.

The findings explore how digital receipts can not only create better digital experiences, but also unlock more engagement opportunities with consumers that drive value for businesses.  

Length 8 pages
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