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Article: Digital payments in Latin America are expected to exceed in-store payments in the next 3 years

Jueves, Diciembre 5, 2019

Originally published in Valor Economico

Mastercard and Ethoca sat down with Talita Moreira from Valor Economico to explain their strategy to reduce fraud. 

VIDEO: Julie Fergerson Wins Security Champion of the Year

Miércoles, Abril 24, 2019

See Julie Fergerson's interview after winning Security Champion of the Year at the Women in IT Awards 2019. 

Article: Collaboration Paving the Way for Ecommerce Customer Experience

Viernes, Febrero 8, 2019

by Keith Briscoe, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, Ethoca

As seen in the Web Fraud Prevention, Identity Verification & Authentication Guide 2018-2019. The Guide covers some of the security challenges encountered in the ecommerce and banking, and financial services ecosystems. Moreover, it provides payment and fraud and risk management professionals with a series of insightful perspectives on key aspects, such as fraud management, identity verification, online authentication, and regulation.

Audio: Payments on Fire Interview with Keith Briscoe

Martes, Enero 29, 2019

In this conversation with Keith Briscoe (Chief Marketing and Product officer at Ethoca), Glenbrook Partners talk about the chargeback problem, hear some truly astounding chargeback stories (hackers aren’t the only fraudsters), and discuss Ethoca’s role in this space.

VIDEO: How Ethoca Embraces Technology to be a True Payment Pioneer

Miércoles, Diciembre 12, 2018

Ethoca's Keith Briscoe talks with Medici at Money 20/20 USA 2018. 

VIDEO: Fight Fraud Through Collaboration (Webinar)

Jueves, Octubre 18, 2018

In this webinar, Ethoca's Keith Briscoe and Julie Fergerson explain how collaboration networks operate and outline the many benefits for airlines and travel agencies.

VIDEO: The True Cost of Fraud to Travel Agents (Webinar Panel)

Jueves, Octubre 18, 2018

Featuring Ethoca's Trevor Clarke and a panel of experts, this discussion takes a deep dive into the tools, technology and best practices agents can leverage to fight fraud and protect their businesses.

Fighting Against Fraud in the Digital Revolution

Miércoles, Octubre 17, 2018

As seen in Capital One newsroom

Over  the course of 2018, Capital One has expanded its suite of digital tools to help  quickly detect fraud and empower customers. These tools include Ethoca Eliminator

VIDEO: Julie Fergerson Interview with AFP

Lunes, Agosto 27, 2018

Julie Fergerson, Senior Vice President of Industry Solutions for Ethoca, discusses how fraud has evolved since the early days of the Merchant Risk Council, of which she was a founding member. She also discusses the threat that so-called "friendly" fraud poses to merchants, and provides some tips that retailers can apply to reduce friendly fraud. 

Video: Keith Briscoe Interview with AFP

Jueves, Junio 7, 2018

Ethoca’s Keith Briscoe speaks on-camera with AFP, discussing the benefits of a layered approach to fighting friendly fraud and false declines.

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