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First-party fraud thumbnail preview
Merchant, Issuer
First-party fraud infographic

Transaction confusion, friendly fraud, first-party misuse – these are some of the terms used to describe legitimate transactions becoming chargebacks, better known as first-party fraud. What is the true scope and size of the problem? Download our infographic to learn more. 

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Merchant, Issuer
Leading telecom speeds up fraud detection

For one leading telecom company, their goal was crystal clear—to reduce losses and the total cost of fraud. They needed a solution that could more quickly identify as many fraudulent orders as possible. Within 12 months, Ethoca Alerts helped this telecom prevent over 18,000 chargebacks valued at over $750,000.  

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Preview thumbnail for subscriptions inforaphic
Merchant, Issuer
Subscription trends infographic

Both businesses and consumers value subscriptions. But while they provide a lot of convenience, consumers are becoming more selective and
have increased expectations on how they manage them. See the latest trends in our subscriptions infographic.

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Person looking out at landscape
Merchant, Issuer
2024 Outlook Report

With the payments landscape facing a myriad of changes, it’s important to focus on initiatives that will make a positive impact on your business, such as customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and bottom-line revenue.

Our latest report looks at trends we expect to see in 2024 shaping the way businesses approach both fraud and digital experience. 

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Thumbnail preview of digital receipts infographic
Merchant, Issuer
Digital receipts infographic

Globally, digital receipts are gaining in popularity with consumers for their convenience. Merchants like their ability to decrease the costs and time associated with printing a paper receipt, and to help reduce disputes and chargebacks. What other channels can merchants leverage to engage consumers and provide enhanced purchase insight?

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Woman making a purchase on her phone with her credit card
Merchant, Issuer
Chargeback Trends and Outlook

Around the world we’ve experienced rapidly changing dynamics over the last few years. In addition, how we pay is also shifting.

So, how do all these market dynamics translate to the current and future state of chargebacks?

Download our latest report to peer into chargeback trends around the world, along with the growth of ecommerce—a key factor influencing chargeback volumes and CNP fraud.

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Person touching phone and interacting with digital experiences
Merchant, Issuer
2023 Digital Field Guide

Consumers want seamless, user-friendly, real-time connected digital experiences for everything from ordering a coffee to booking a flight, tracking reward points or checking statement balances - from any device, anywhere. As a result, the need to meet these expectations is an ever-growing challenge for both merchants and issuers. 

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