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Partnering with Ethoca

Ethoca is an award-winning collaboration network that helps businesses connect and share valuable data – from dispute and fraud insights to rich purchase details. By partnering with Ethoca, your business can expand its offerings making your platform more robust and creating new revenue opportunities, while also driving better experiences for your customers.

Why Ethoca? 

We’re an industry leader in collaborative solutions with a unique suite of fraud and dispute data, as well as merchant details like recognisable names and logos and full digital receipts – spanning across the globe and across all card brands. By partnering with Ethoca, you’ll be connected to a network unlike any other that can help you reach your goals. 

Business people working together in partnership

Benefits of partnering with Ethoca

Support your digital transformation

Create new revenue streams

Partner with a global leader

Enhance your product offerings

Remain competitive & differentiated

Meet world-class information security standards

Who should partner with us? 

If you work in fraud, payments or fintech as a platform or service provider – our network can connect you to an even wider range of valuable purchase details and fraud data. We have one of the largest merchant, issuer and fintech networks that can enable you to scale your business more effectively. 

Issuer partners

  • Fraud detection

  • Dispute management platform

  • Digital banking app

  • Transaction cleansing

  • Card issuing

  • Issuer processing

Merchant partners

  • Fraud detection

  • Dispute management platform

  • Payment gateway

  • Payment service provider (PSP)

  • Payment facilitator

  • Acquirer

  • POS provider

  • Data provider

Learn more about our solutions 

Ethoca Consumer Clarity™

Provides rich merchant and purchase information to cardholders within their banking applications and financial institutions' call center and back-office staff.

Ethoca Alerts

Connects issuers, acquirers and merchants together to share fraud and dispute data, enabling a faster dispute resolution process that reduces the need for chargebacks altogether.

Ready to get started?

Want to harness the power of Ethoca’s network to help your business reach its goals? Contact us today.