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Article: What’s the Scam? Protecting Airlines from CNP Fraud

Lunes, Agosto 15, 2016

by Stephanie Taylor – Low-Fare & Regional Airlines Magazine

The internet age has brought with it many positives, but industry leaders agree that things are now changing so fast that it's difficult to keep up with the vulnerabilities new technology creates. From the theft of airline miles to identity fraud, many sectors within and outside air travel are collaborating to mitigate the financial and reputational risks to airlines.

Article: Ethoca Fraud Fighting for Issuers/Merchants

Miércoles, Abril 20, 2016

As seen in The Nilson Report: April 2016 / Issue 1084

Merchants in 37 countries and issuers in 12 countries comprise the participants in Ethoca’s network, which gives merchants an early warning of possible fraudulent transactions as well as information about previously confirmed customer disputes. 

Video: Fintech Finance Interview with Ethoca CMO Keith Briscoe

Miércoles, Abril 20, 2016

In this video interview – filmed during Money 2020 in Copenhagen – Ethoca CMO Keith Briscoe discusses network growth in EMEA as well as friendly fraud with Fintech Finance. 

Audio: Interview with Trevor Clarke, EVP of Issuer Relations

Jueves, Febrero 25, 2016

Merchants, what if someone told you that there was a way to stop chargebacks for good? Well, listen up, since that’s what Andrew Mathieson, TSYS group executive, and Trevor Clarke, cofounder of Ethoca, just told MPD CEO Karen Webster. It’s a novel approach, for sure, and leverages a robust fraud network that stops chargebacks before they even happen. Curious about how it works?

Article: Collaboration Shows Promise in Fighting Friendly Fraud

Martes, Febrero 23, 2016

Data sharing between issuers and merchants is gaining traction as a preventative measure in Europe, with fraud prevention specialist Ethoca reporting an information network has shaved about $100 million in fraud losses in the past year, while a collaboration with Santander has resulted in a 40% drop in chargeback volume.

Video: Ethoca CMO Keith Briscoe Explains Ethoca Alerts

Martes, Febrero 16, 2016

In this video interview – filmed during Finovate Europe 2016 in London – Ethoca CMO Keith Briscoe explains the effect Ethoca Alerts has on the customer experience and why it matters for issuer and merchants. 

Article: Ethoca's Julie Fergerson Talks to Internet Retailer

Miércoles, Abril 9, 2014

Julie Fergerson, SVP, Industry Solutions, talks to Internet Retailer about the Heartbleed bug and what ecommerce retailers should be looking out for as they shore up gaps in their systems. 

Article: Ethoca Featured in Internet Retailer

Jueves, Diciembre 19, 2013

Ethoca’s Julie Fergerson, SVP Industry Solutions, talks to Internet Retailer editor Don Davis about the Target data breach and how ecommerce merchants should strengthen their fraud management detection processes to prepare for possible spikes in related Card Not Present fraud.

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