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Integrated Solution Suite for Merchants

We're Making Frictionless Ecommerce a Reality

Friendly fraud, false declines, chargebacks – the list goes on. Today's ecommerce merchants face a growing range of serious problems that frustrate customers and put your business at risk. Thankfully, the key to reducing these pains has arrived.

With Ethoca's Integrated Solution Suite you can quickly deploy a multi-layered defensive system that leverages the power of merchant-issuer collaboration to not only eliminate fraud and chargebacks but increase card acceptance and improve the customer experience.

You Can Rely on the Integrated Solution Suite to Help You...

Icon green stop chargebacks


from fraud and customer disputes.

Icon green flight fraud


in all its forms, including friendly fraud.

Icons finance 17 earnings


lost to fraud, disputes and chargebacks.

Icon green increase acceptance


by improving fraud models.

Icon green improve satisfaction


by saving customers from friction and frustration.

A Powerful, Multi-Layered Solution to a Range of Problems


Post-sale chargeback deflection and revenue recovery

Eliminator is a groundbreaking friendly fraud and chargeback mitigation solution. It can resolve more than a third of incoming disputes on the spot by providing issuers and customers with instant access to real-time merchant intelligence (e.g., shopping cart contents, device ID, IP address, purchase history and more) at the moment they need it most – deflecting friendly fraud and disputes at the source. 

  • Deflect chargebacks from friendly fraud and customer disputes
  • Preserve revenue that would otherwise be lost
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Post-sale chargeback and fraud prevention

If cardholders continue to dispute a transaction during step 1, that’s where Ethoca Alerts comes in. Ethoca Alerts’ direct-from-source issuer data reduces the time it takes for merchants to be alerted of fraud and customer disputes from weeks to as little as a few minutes. This gives them a unique opportunity to stop fulfillment, resolve the dispute and avoid chargebacks entirely. Ethoca Alerts are up to 98% effective in stopping chargebacks when merchants act within 24 hours and can reduce overall chargebacks levels from 15-40%. As for physical goods, merchants can stop fraud in up to 40% of cases.

  • Prevent chargebacks from fraud and customer disputes
  • Stop fulfillment of fraudulent orders before it’s too late
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Post chargeback revenue recovery

As a final step in the chargeback mitigation process, merchants with high friendly fraud rates and the necessary compelling evidence may choose to fight their chargebacks to recover their revenue. Enhanced Representments is a flexible platform that leverages the know-how of Ethoca’s chargeback experts and automates the representment process so that merchants get their money back faster and more efficiently – recovering revenue on up to 80% of all represented chargebacks.

  • Reduce damage from friendly fraud and customer disputes
  • Recover funds lost to chargebacks
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Whitepaper: Solving the CNP False Decline Puzzle

When fraud rears its ugly head, merchants and issuers often resort to the same response: deploy stricter fraud measures. Unfortunately, there's a problem with this strategy – it leads to false declines. False declines occur when good transactions are wrongly turned down due to the suspicion of fraud, and they're a big problem. How big? Our research indicates that 1.9 billion purchases, representing USD $145.9 billion in sales are declined a year.

Want to learn more about this growing issue and what can be done?

NEWS: Ethoca's Integrated Solution Suite Aims to Eradicate 90% of Chargebacks Through Proven Industry Collaboration

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Whitepaper: The Faces of Friendly Fraud

With 86% of card disputes believed to be fraudulent, and a rate of growth in the double digits, it’s no wonder the FBI views friendly fraud as the third biggest problem in ecommerce today. Unfortunately, friendly fraud stems from a spectrum of behaviors that are challenging to detect. Beating this threat requires implementing solutions capable of addressing it in real time to eliminate disputes once and for all. The good news? We can help.


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Not to brag, but Ethoca Alerts is the most decorated fraud and chargeback solution in the industry.


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