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Enhanced Representments for Merchants

Systematic, Documented Chargeback Representments Get Your Money Back Faster

For card-not-present merchants, chargebacks are a constant threat that tie up resources and sap profits. When they strike, merchants look to the representment process to make their case and – hopefully – recover their losses. Unfortunately, the chargeback representment process is far from perfect: It’s complicated, time-sensitive and costly. What’s more, even if the case is won and the original funds returned, a great deal of time and money can be spent attempting to manage this burdensome process – time and money that can’t be recovered.

Merchants today need a faster, smarter and more cost-effective solution. One that’s hands-off, eliminates inefficiency and streamlines the process, while providing the customization needed to maximize results from your chargeback recovery. Real-time insight must be a click away and easy to understand with simple visuals. That's where Ethoca’s Enhanced Representment service comes in.


You Can Rely on Enhanced Representments to Help You...

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Get your money back

Quickly recover revenue lost to unnecessary chargebacks.

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Real-Time Analytics

Get unmatched insight into your current and future chargeback situations.

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Expert Knowledge

We specialize in fast chargeback representment, so you don't have to.

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Fully Customizable

Adjust filters, rules and reports to create the perfect tool.

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Save Valuable Time

Free up important resources typically spent on representment.

Introducing Enhanced Representments: Fast, Flexible and Filtered

We have created a flexible and high-performing chargeback representment platform that provides merchants chargeback reversal and recovery with minimal effort. By integrating and collaborating directly with the key parties involved in the chargeback process, Ethoca’s Enhanced Representment service decides what chargebacks to fight based upon rules set by the merchant, collects all the necessary evidence and processes the representment in real time to maximize revenue recovery.

The results of these efforts (as well as other critical chargeback data) is then delivered and displayed to the merchant as simple, customizable analytics and reports that allow them to adjust their filters and develop accurate future revenue and representment forecasts.

Here's How it Works

  1. Issuer creates the chargeback and sends it to the card network.
  2. The card network routes the chargeback to the merchant’s acquirer.
  3. Ethoca receives the chargeback from the acquirer and evaluates it based on merchant established criteria.
  4. Ethoca retrieves compelling evidence from the merchant via API.
  5. Ethoca organizes and securely processes the representment package.

This entire process takes minutes, and involves little effort from merchants. Our solution then provides merchants with real-time reporting and analytics options that are visual and easy to understand.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Don’t fight chargebacks in a vacuum – get the feedback you need to make informed decisions. Ethoca’s Enhanced Representments provides in-depth, real-time chargeback analytics and reporting that allows merchants to truly understand the whole picture and make necessary adjustments to prevent chargebacks in the first place.

Adjustable Representment Filters

The fraud and chargeback landscapes are constantly shifting, and merchants need a solution that allows them to quickly adapt to new challenges. Ethoca’s platform allows merchants to make adjustments to their representment filters and rules (value, age, reason code, etc.) quickly and easily to maximize their effectiveness and optimize revenue recovery.


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