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Card Issuing Banks

How do you benefit?

Ethoca Alerts provides issuers with a simple, secure and scalable means to connect and work cooperatively with online merchants to avoid fraud losses, even on transactions where the issuer does not have chargeback rights!

The service also helps dramatically reduce the costs and fees associated with processing RFI’s and chargebacks. As operational expenses decline, so too does the risk and costs associated with preventing fraudulent transactions.

The business case:

  • Up to 35% of Ethoca Alerts sent to merchants result in stopped fraud and credit issuance by the merchants thereby reducing chargeback-processing costs for the issuers.
  • Up to 35% of Ethoca Alerts involving 3D Secure transactions are stopped and credited by merchants using the service.
  • Ethoca’s proprietary reporting provides issuers direct access to merchant data not available anywhere else.
  • Ethoca provides issuers with direct immediate feedback and results from merchants at the transaction level.
  • Ethoca is a “Quick-Win”, easy to implement with instantaneous benefit realized.
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