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Benefits Overview

The Benefits of Card Issuer to Merchant Collaboration

A number of the largest credit and debit card issuing banks and online merchants are benefiting greatly from Ethoca’s innovative card issuer-to-merchant collaboration network.  It’s a connection like no other – truly a first-of-its kind!

Ethoca’s innovative technology supports all sorts of services that are tackling the biggest problems in CNP commerce and goes a step further to deliver on the many opportunities that can addresses now that the two parties that ultimately have the financial liability can finally work cooperatively in a scalable way! That’s right – every issuer, every merchant.

Thousands of times a day, card issuers and merchants identify fraudulent and/or suspicious transactions that have gone undetected by the other party, resulting in fraud losses and chargeback costs to both. Ethoca closes the information gap between the card issuers and merchants, making this valuable information securely available in real-time.

Ethoca Alerts is the first service Ethoca rolled to its network of major card issuers and leading online merchants in sectors from merchandising, electronics, airline, travel, ticketing, gaming and more.  Ethoca’s unprecedented direct-from-source card issuer data is used by merchants to stop the fulfillment of goods and services tied to fraudulent accounts on orders they are actively processing.  Ethoca Alerts significantly reduces the time it takes for merchants to be alerted of bank-confirmed fraud from the current three to six weeks, to mere minutes, hours or days!

Benefit Summary

  • Avoid the financial loss by stopping the fulfillment on goods and services on orders you’ve already accepted and currently processing.

  • Avoid the entire chargeback process.  No chargebacks.  No chargeback fees. No chargeback processing costs!

  • Dramatically improve the productivity of your manual review team by quickly cancelling those orders confirmed by the cardholder as fraud.

  • Be alerted to fraud attacks sooner, thereby lessoning the financial impact of the overall attack.

  • Improve your fraud screening by incorporating cardholder-confirmed fraud much sooner in your fraud tables.

  • Improve the cardholder/customer experience.

  • Protect your brand.

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